Transparency of Online Authorship and the fall of big Agencies

Designer vs Agency

Transparency of Online Authorship and the fall of big Agencies

In just a few short years, social media has changed the rules forever as to how companies market and who they hire to analyze opportunities, create strategies, design and program deliverables, execute and manage campaigns, analyze success and then start the process over again.

One of the unexpected results of social media, in my opinion, will be the demise of the big agencies.

Social media focuses on the voice of the author. It elevates those who are experts in their field and gives them a multitude of platforms and paths to publicize from and be found on. Agencies are nothing more then a collective of talented individuals who now have transparent paths to the consumer and therefore a personal following. Throughout the years, the best talent has often left the big agencies but the path has never been easier. As an online author with thousands of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram followers, they have already established themselves a brand, their brand. And they will most likely work with other top individuals who have taken the same path.

Consider how many websites now list the social media accounts of their stars on the Team Page. Think about who you follow. Whos words do you read. They are the individuals, the authors. This is the age of the Personal Brand.

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