SEO Pricing Guide

SEO Pricing Guide



SEO (organic) traffic to your website is statistically proven to be the most cost effective move you can make. SEO is now on the required list for practically every company with an online presence.


Top rankings in search results have the ability to deliver click through traffic on a continuous basis. SEO is so attractive for business owners who welcome the endless flow of free traffic and see the value of the monthly investment.

SEO Pricing Guide

The pricing below is for our popular plans and is based on a annually renewed agreement. This way we are able to front load some of the work to add substantial value to you by increased visibility and consistent monthly cost.  We also offer accelerated plans with a more aggressive timeline implementation.

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The right plan for your business


Local and Local + plans work well for companies in smaller towns and cities or that target only a small geographic area of a large metro area. Sometimes they are a good fit for businesses with niche keywords that are not very competitive. Regional plans are designed for local businesses with moderately competitive keywords or those that are targeting a slightly larger geographic area.


Sticky Wrapper’s primary goal is to obtain top rankings for targeted keywords that will bring your business more visibility and click-troughs that convert to sales, leads and phone calls. Contact us and we’ll conduct an SEO site audit ($449 value), free of charge to give you some insight into your site’s overall SEO health and your competition. We’ll also provide you with a more comprehensive plan that takes into consideration the specific needs of your company.

Why choose Sticky Wrapper?


We know Local | We reach National: We are located in Portland, OR and Sun Valley, ID. We understand what it takes to compete in small markets and major metro areas across the country. Our clients are found across the country. We have a professional team of brand strategists, copywriters, developers and SEO experts right here in the USA. We offer exceptional support and very competitive pricing.


Real Results: Most of our clients see real results within months Request a free SEO site audit and review our quality.


Risk Free Guarantee: if you are unhappy with our SEO services, cancel within 30 days and get a full refund of our fees – no questions asked.


Get Started Today! Request a free SEO audit or call and talk to one of our team at 503.200.0111.

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