PPC Pricing Guide

PPC Pricing Guide



PPC traffic to your website works in tandem with organic SEO generated trafic. PPC is a powerful marketing tool to reach seasonal shoppers, niche markets, and primary offerings. Pay Per Click has the added value of saying exactly what you want to each market segment for premium engagement and then points to the exact landing page optimized for maximum conversions.


As much as Google would like you to think it, PPC is not DIY. Much like gambling, you will win a bit but in the end the house always wins. Only a PPC professional who is a master at keyword research, webmaster tool analytics, competitive analysis, market trends, a/b testing,  etc should be trusted to create the maximum ROI achievable. Sticky Wrapper is confident in its abilities and demonstrates that by publishing its fees in the guide below. Many companies today relly on the steady streat of income they recieve from PPC results.

PPC Pricing Guide

Sticky Wrapper’s primary goal is to aggressively manage your PPC Campaigns to maximize your visibility and focus on click-troughs that convert to sales. Contact us and we’ll conduct an PPC Budget Analysis ($449 value), free of charge to give you some idea of what your budget needs to be to stay ahead of  your competition.


The pricing below is for our popular plans and is based on a annually renewed agreement. This way we are able to front load some of the work to add substantial value to you by increased visibility and consistent monthly cost.  We also offer accelerated plans with a more aggressive timeline implementation.

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The right plan for your business


Choosing the right spend for your business depends on your industry, your goals and the number of keywords implemented. Adding Re-Target marketing and Banner advertising to the mix will increase your budget but offer significant ROI when used in conjunction with solid PPC and SEO programs. Well implemented PPC campaigns are a reliable source of income producing marketing for a majority of businesses worldwide. PPC is also a strategic tool in fine tuning an existing SEO program.


Advanced Strategies:

We offer additional services for larger budgets including;

  • Multivariant testing on landing page
  • Multivariant testing eCommerce store & checkout / cart process
  • Website conversion analysis implementation

Sticky Wrapper PPC Campaigns.


We know Local | We reach National: We are located in Portland, OR and Sun Valley, ID. We understand what it takes to compete in small markets and major metro areas across the country. We have a professional team of brand strategists, copywriters, developers and PPC experts right here in the USA. We offer exceptional support and very competitive pricing.


Instant Results: We can rapidly create a keyword strategy, write engaging content that drives potential customers to the right landing pages, get your marketing approved and running and finally drive click through traffic that results in direct revenue increases.


Get Started Today! Request a free PPC analysis or call and talk to one of our team at 503.200.0111.

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